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These are the three words that represent the foundation of what we strive for in our practice. Our signature class is designed to give you a mind, body and soul workout. This class is for those who want to build strength, grow in their practice and take things to a NU LEVEL. The room is dark, playlists are hype and the flows are like no other. Get ready to be sweaty AF, find your strength, and take your practice to a NU level.

Sweat Strength Soul™

Open Level

Come ready to SWEAT, use your STRENGTH, and flow with SOUL to the baddest beats in a dark, candlelit room. With 2-3 breaths per movement our open level S.S.S.™ class is designed to give you just what you need to push it to the limit. Empower yourself on your mat as you flow through creative sequences & rise to the challenge.

Sweat Strength Soul | LITE

Beginner Friendly/ Open Level

Your intro to S.S.S.™ Same vibes, same beats, but a slower pace (4-5 breaths per movement) to teach you how to move in the S.S.S.™ way. Use this class to find your S.S.S.™ rhythm.

Sweat Strength SoulHARDCORE


Turn up your practice in this advanced version of S.S.S.™ Be prepared to level up with challenging and fast-paced flows (1-2 breaths per movement), arm balances, and inversions that will put your mind & body to the test. Walk in ready to put in work. Walk out feeling like a BO$$.

Soul Flow (Non-Heated, Warm & Hot)

Integrate your breath and movement in this “vinyasa inspired” muscle and flow class. Designed for you to create stability, strength, and steadiness while opening up to more flexibility of body and mind.

Move & Meditate

This class will cool you down to get you high! A combination of relaxation and connecting with your breath to help unlock your energy. A smooth blend of soul and body movement.

“For every dark night, there's a brighter day.”

- tupac

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