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Covid-19 Community UPDATEs

We are excited to welcome you all back onto your mats to sweat safely! 


The safety of our members, staff + teachers has always been our main priority. As we prepare to reopen, a few changes have been made to ensure the safety of our squad.

Marble Surface

Before class

  1. Personal Health Check
    If you feel even slightly unwell or may have been in contact with someone positive, please stay home. 


    You must reserve your spot online. Waitlists will be available for each class. You will be notified if a spot opens up (up to 1 hour before class). Cancellations must be made
    at least 12 hours in advance. Since class sizes are reduced, failure to show will result in a missed class fee

  3. Operating Hours
    We will open 15 minutes before class + close 15 minutes after class to limit crowding. Doors will be locked outside of those times. 


  4. Class Schedule Changes
    We will be operating on a reduced schedule. Class sizes will be minimized to accommodate social distancing.


  5. Studio Cleanliness
    There will be sanitation stations throughout the studio for easy + quick access. In addition to our regular weekly professional cleaning service, there will be one hour breaks between class to thoroughly disinfect common areas + high touch surfaces.


  6. B.Y.O.E | Bring Your Own Everything
    There will be no mat / towel rentals or use of studio blocks, bolsters + straps during this time. There will be mats + cork blocks available to purchase in retail.

Once in the studio

  1. Health Assessment
    There will be a sanitation station + a thermometer for temperature checks upon entry to the studio. Staff + teachers will monitor their overall health + temperature each time they are in the studio as well.


  2. Mask Required
    Wearing a mask is required at all times in the studio (reception, bathrooms) except when class begins. Please wear your mask into the practice room + remove once on your mat. When class is complete, please do not leave your mat until your mask is on. If you do not have a mask, they will be provided for a fee.


  3. Contactless Environment
    Please pay in advance. If a purchase needs to be made in the studio, we will take debit or credit.  Scan your own key tag at the designated area. Once checked in, please enter the practice room to limit crowding in reception.


  4. Personal Belongings + Amenities
    Please only bring the essentials into the studio - mat, towel, water + props to support your practice. Showers, changerooms, lockers + the water dispenser will not be available until further notice.


  5. Designated Mat Placements
    Once you are in the studio, please enter your class to prevent crowding in reception. Mat markers will be placed on the floors to guide you to where you need to place your mat.


  6. Teachers During Class
    Teachers will not offer hands-on adjustments / massages / cold scented towels or walk around during class. They will remain on their mats for the duration of class.

after class

  1. Mask Required
    Please remember to put your mask on when you are ready to leave the room.


  2. After Class
    While we love hanging with our squad post sweat session, we ask that you kindly exit the studio to avoid crowding in reception.

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