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Why Candlelit:


Being in the dark creates a true judgment-free zone where you can feel completely free to flow. It creates an internal experience where it's just you alone with the music, your breath, and the practice.




'Cause it's hot AF.


Why STrength:


S.S.S. is designed for you to build inner and outer strength. It is the ultimate mind and body workout. The gist of this is; "If i can bring it on my mat, I can bring it in everything else I do". There are two choices; to give up or to keep pushing. Is it hard? Yes. Will there be moments where you want to give up? Yes. You have made the choice to show up, to bring it, to give it your all – that’s what you’re made of. What you tell yourself on your mat is what you tell yourself off the mat.” At NU, we want you to walk in feeling like “I got this” and to walk out feeling like a BO$$. 


Why Soul:


In this class, your true essence comes to light when you’re in this class. You tap into your abilities, feelings, consciousness, and perceptions. Bring your most powerful inner self to the surface.

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