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For the modern-day practitioner who wants to deepen their practice and acquire the tools to become a skillful and soulful yoga teacher in the 21st century—honouring the traditional, adapting to the present, while evolving with the future. At NU yoga we never teach the same flow twice. Learn how to create flows on the fly while keeping your classes fresh every time.

As the world changes, so must we. Looking toward the future, amidst this NU normal, the requirements and expectations of a yoga teacher are different from the reality we have been used to. NU LEVEL 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training offers modules that are often overlooked, such as Advanced Sequencing, Social Media Marketing, and Anti-Oppressive Yoga.


Through a virtual LIVE format, we will maximize our time together going beyond the requirements of Yoga Alliance. We will deliver this experience maintaining both the depth of learning and personalized experience one should expect in a Yoga Teacher Training. 

Learn how to level up your online presence and dive into deeper learning through inquiry work that will provide you with

NU Skills on and off the mat. 


Sweat, Strength, and Soul is our foundation here at NU yoga. Our teachers encourage you to step onto your mat with resilience and determination of body and mind. With this foundation at the forefront of the training, our uniquely qualified squad of trainers will teach you how to level up and lead with conviction as an empowered NU yoga teacher.

Get ready to drop the excuses, step into your skin,

and channel your inner boss by taking your training to a NU level.

Introducing the NU future of yoga. 

what makes NU's YTT unique?
ONLINE Curriculum includes

Techniques + Training

  • Seated + Supine Postures

  • Standing + Standing Balancing Postures

  • Inversions + Backbends

  • Arm Balances

  • Sun + Moon Salutations

  • Pranayama Techniques + Practices

  • Meditation, Mantras + Mindfulness Practices


Anatomy, Physiology + Subtle Body

  • Anatomy: Bones, Joints + Muscles

  • Physiology: Body Systems

  • Biomechanics: Bone Safety

  • Basic Movement Foundation + Terminology

  • Subtle Body: Chakras, Bandhas, Kleshas, Vayus, Nadi’s + Koshas


Yogic Philosophy, Lifestyle + Ethics

  • Intro to History of Yoga, Vedas + Bhagavad Gita

  • Exploration of The Eight Limbs of Yoga

  • Fundamentals of Yin + Restorative Yoga

  • Ethical Responsibility as a Teacher

  • Anti-Oppressive Yoga


Teaching Methodology

  • NU Skills: Qualities of a NU Yoga Teacher

  • Principles of Adjustments + Hands-on-Assists

  • Structure + Sequencing Vinyasa Soul Flow Classes

  • Structure + Sequencing Sweat Strength Soul Classes

  • The Business of Yoga

  • Social Media Marketing



  • Continuous Practice Teach Asana Labs

  • Teach Vinyasa Soul Flow yoga classes

  • Teach Sweat Strength Soul yoga classes

  • Teach Meditation and Pranayama 

  • Anatomy Exams 

The curriculum goes above and beyond what is required by Yoga Alliance standards, providing not only the foundational tools you need as a yoga teacher but additional skills that will propel you forward into your yoga practice or career. We are confident that you will leave this training as a skillful and soulful yoga teacher, leaving with the same confidence and conviction our squad of trainers and teachers here at NU bring to their classes.


Once successfully passing our 200-hour yoga teacher training program, you will be given the direction and the necessary steps needed for you to register with Yoga Alliance as a 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher.


Full participation is required to complete the program. This is a content-heavy curriculum that requires your commitment to seeing it through until the end. We do understand that life happens and time may be missed due to emergencies, our make-up policy requires you to schedule missed hours through a private session(s) with your trainer at an additional cost. 

All assignments, quizzes, and independent studies must be completed and evaluated by the lead trainer.

Once requirements are complete and tuition is paid in full, students will be acknowledged as a NU LEVEL yoga teacher. Our yoga teacher certification is designed to fulfill the requirements necessary to become a Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher (RYT). Graduates can apply for Yoga Alliance certification once they have received their NU certificate. 

the faculty

Contemporary yoga educator, trainer and life coach; passionate about personal leadership and dedicated to freedom of the heart and mind. Over the past decade Cass has trained and taught in the U.S., India, Israel, Costa Rica and full time in the outskirts of Toronto. She weaves spiritual principles with practical tools in her teachings to illuminate your own inner wisdom, while packing a powerful punch to waking up and showing up to an inspired life—on your own terms.​

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In addition to completing her 200 hour YTT, Danielle is certified to teach restorative yoga, meditation, and kid’s yoga, with a yin training on the horizon. There is so much more to yoga than the asanas, and Danielle is passionate about sharing the rich teachings of yoga philosophy, pranayama, energetics, and meditation - that have impacted her life in such a positive way - with others. Her goal is to make these teachings and practices accessible and relatable so that students can apply them to everyday life, finding strength + focus + clarity through stillness.  

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Nya Daley is a Toronto based 300hr RYT and Social Worker. When she is not on her mat she is a Parenting Enhancement Therapist at Surrey Place. Nya’s educational background includes an MA in Social Work from the University of Windsor and a B.A. in Criminal Justice from Holy Family University in Philadelphia, PA. Since 2010 she has worked in the social service sector with justice involved youth, adults with Intellectual Disabilities, child welfare  involved families and juveniles who’ve committed sexual offences. Integrating her love of yoga and commitment to social justice, Nya founded Soulga, in February 2019, a community that offers accessible, inclusive and affordable yoga classes led by teachers of colour in the GTA.

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My yoga journey began while searching to fill a void after retiring from a childhood of competitive dance. For me, yoga was love at first breath. I love the balance of backbends and forward folds, stretching and strengthening, work and relaxation. Yoga is the full package for me! I believe yoga is for every body type and level, whether it’s your 1000th yoga class or your 1st. My goal is to have the practitioner explore their body, safely finding their own edges, both physically and mentally.

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Amanda gravitated to yoga as a way to cope with a wave of debilitating anxiety in 2014. As a professional dancer and choreographer, the physical practice resonated immediately. It was liberating to move in a non-performative way and there were clear gradual improvements in alignment, mobility and awareness as a result. Mentally, things seemed way more spacious. Amanda completed her Yoga Teacher Training in 2015, and has continued to lead classes locally and internationally. Her teaching style is always evolving, but is forever playful and intuitive.

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Growing up immersed in gymnastics and dance, I've always been intrigued on how the body looks, feels and preforms. I have studied the mind body connection through: Musical Theatre, obtained a Natural Health license majoring in Aromatherapy and Reflexology, Reiki Master certified, Baptiste Power Yoga trained, Level 3 Thai Bodywork, and currently becoming a Registered Massage Therapist by 2020. As a Holistic therapist, I believe studying the body as a whole is the only way to find balance and source out the core issues that cause discomfort or dis-ease.

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Fourteen years of practice, four years of teaching, and a lifetime of learning: that's me in a nutshell, your friendly neighbourhood yogi.  I've taught in the GTA and Southeast Asia teaching Hatha, and have grown my yoga through shifting towards a practice that encourages being in stillness and managing self-distraction. Yin and Restorative teaches us how to balance the hectic pace of the outside world with the quiet of our inner selves — a concept that is challenging, sometimes uncomfortable, but altogether powerful and rewarding.  

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Indi is a Yoga Teacher, Reiki and Sound Healer  that incorporates essential oils into her practice. Indi was introduced to the practice of mindfulness and yoga at a young age through her family heritage. She quickly realized and experienced the benefits of such a practice and is passionate about sharing her knowledge with others. She offers private and group yoga sessions, Reiki one-on-one sessions, and guided sound healing mediations. Indi believes in all things wellness and mindfulness. Her mission is to enjoy a very happy and healthy life, whilst trying to help empower others to make positive changes to their lives.  

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NU yoga offers three participants one free scholarship and two partial scholarship - 
receiving 50% off full tuition - per training.
Our scholarship is a way to provide the knowledge and skills
of yoga to a BIPOC who will continue to share the practice of yoga with their community.



Create a 2-5 minute video of yourself answering the following questions, and attach it to the following scholarship application:

  • Do you identify as a BIPOC?

  • How long have you been practicing yoga?

  • How does your identity impact your practice and your connection to the yoga community?

  • Please explain why you are interested in NU Level 200-Hour Teacher Training and how you will share this knowledge and skills with your community.





Your application must be submitted by September 1st 2021, for the NU Level 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training - Fall Online 2021. All applicants will be notified and informed of the acceptance of their scholarship at this time.

EARLY BIRD (Before September 1st 2021): CDN $2200 (+tax)
REGULAR (After September 1st 2021): CDN $2,700 (+tax)
A $500 non-refundable deposit is required to secure a place in the training. 
The deposit is applied toward the tuition balance. Full tuition is due by the start date, September 14th 2021.
  • 200-Hour NU Level Certification
  • Electronic Copy of NU LEVEL 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Manual.
    Hard copy available for an additional fee of $99
  • Anti-Oppressive Yoga Workshop - a value of $350
  • Free access to NU Online classes
  • Free membership at NU yoga studio for the duration of the training
  • Web Portal: Engage with other trainees and access recordings, assignments, and additional content through the YTT portal for the duration of the training.
  • Graduates can apply to be a Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher (RYT)
payment plans available
At NU yoga, one of our core values is accessibility. We offer flexible payment plans to choose from.
Payment plants are based on the regular price (not including early bird special) + tax. The final instalment is to be made one month prior to the training start date. For more details, please email us at
Applications will be reviewed as soon as they are received.
Once submitted, your receipt will have the link to complete the application form. 
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