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OUR Teachers

At NU yoga our teachers are lifelong students. They are endlessly learning, growing and playing with the practice. They are passionate about sharing their love of yoga with their students everyday. 

“How many people you bless, is how you measure success.”

— Rick Ross


Contemporary yoga educator, trainer and life coach; I am passionate about personal leadership and dedicated to freedom of the heart and mind. Over the past decade I have trained and taught in the U.S., India, Israel, Costa Rica and full time in my home base - outskirts of Toronto. I am  grateful to have been trained directly by Internationally renowned master teachers Don + Amba Stapleton, Douglas Brooks, Danny Arguetty, Katie Brauer and influential leader and life teacher Coby Kozlowski.


Practice both Flow and Free Flow classes with me! What you can expect are playful variations of traditional poses that will challenge you to tap into your own creative space to find deeper levels coordination, concentration and control of your body and mind. I weave spiritual principles with practical tools in my teachings to illuminate your own inner wisdom, while packing a powerful punch to waking up to your potential. When I’m not serving others, you can find me getting away from the city with my beloved, eating burritos, and playing with her puppy, Casanova—AKA the other Cass.

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