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NU-bies: foundation series

This workshop series is designed to answer some of the most common questions students have about their new or evolving yoga practice. We will take a look at the most commonly practiced poses and take advantage of the opportunity to ask questions and find out how to modify poses so they work best for you. 


This is the benefit of receiving personalized attention: regardless of your experience or level of fitness or flexibility there is a way to modify to match your exact level of ability and this series will teach you how. 


With this 3-week beginner series, we’ll cover the basic building blocks of yoga, foundational techniques and guiding principles to begin your yoga journey. Leave empowered with a newfound strength as you continue your path to personal growth and wellness. 


Why take the NUbies foundation series?

  • Instruction and demonstrations for beginning level yoga postures.

  • How to stretch properly to maximize flexibility and avoid strain.

  • Learn proper diaphragmatic breathing.

  • Develop inner strength and focus.

  • Learn to remain present and non-competitive.

  • Cultivate awareness and the attention to the flow of energy.

  • Become familiar with meditation, its benefits and various techniques. 


Join Kiana in this 2-hour workshop to explore handstand, headstand, and forearm stand. Learn tips, drills, and alignment principles to help you practice inversions with more confidence. This workshop is for anyone looking to start or refine their inversions practice. All levels welcome!